Festival de Cannes – 35th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival

Year: 1982
Academy Awards:
Golden Globes:

French (47x63in)

Concept: Federico Fellini

In competition – Feature film
– À toute allure by Robert Kramer
– Another Way (Egymásra nézve) by Károly Makk
– Britannia Hospital by Lindsay Anderson
– Cecilia by Humberto Solás
– Day of the Idiots (Tag der Idioten) by Werner Schroeter
– Fitzcarraldo by Werner Herzog
– Hammett by Wim Wenders
– Identification of a Woman (Identificazione di una donna) by Michelangelo Antonioni
= A Ilha dos Amores by Paulo Rocha
– Invitation au voyage by Peter Del Monte
– Missing by Costa Gavras
– Moonlighting by Jerzy Skolimowski
– The Night of the Shooting Stars (La Notte di San Lorenzo) by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
– Passion by Jean-Luc Godard
– The Return of the Soldier by Alan Bridges
– Sandstorm (Vent de sable) by Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina
– Shoot the Moon by Alan Parker
– Smithereens by Susan Seidelman
– Sweet Inquest on Violence (Douce enquête sur la violence) by Gérard Guérin
– That Night in Varennes (La Nuit de Varennes) by Ettore Scola
– The True Story of Ah Q (Ah Q zheng zhuan) by Fan Cen
– Yol by Şerif Gören and Yılmaz Güney

SS/DS - Rolled/Folded: SS/Folded
Director: President: Giorgio Strehler